ASI Yearbooks

Khaneh Esfahan is a planned suburban development just a few miles north of Esfahan, Iran. One tract within the community was intended as housing for Imperial Irani Air Force (IIAF) officers. However, while building up the then new F-14 squadrons, the IIAF housed many of their foreign contractors there from late 1975 through February, 1979.

Many former foreign residents of the Air Force housing have been curious about how their old homes fared over the years. In 2011, a couple of current Esfahan residents were kind enough to provide me with a 2011 photographic update of the neighborhood.

Khaneh Esfahan street, 1976 and 2011.
Khaneh Esfahan house, 1977 and 2014.
Khaneh Esfahan gathering, 1976, and 2014.

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